Prices and Website Design Plans

Get to know our monthly web design plans with which you will have access, for a small price and paying in comfortable terms, to all the digital services that your business needs to take off on the Internet.

Have everything you need by paying in convenient installments

Why invest in one of our web plans

Save money with a monthly web design plan

Hiring a monthly web design plan allows you to save on the investment of digitalization or better of your business. Tailor-made plans adjusted to the needs of your business.

Boost your brand on the Internet with convenient deadlines

Our monthly web design plans can improve, scale and digitize your business month by month, without having to make a high initial outlay.

Work with a team of professionals always by your side

We get involved in your web project as if it were ours. It has a professional team with extensive experience in the digital world within your own business, with advice and permanent contact.

Grow progressively and scale your business

Hire a web design plan that allows you to grow and improve on the Internet little by little, starting from a solid base in the digital world that will allow you to reach many more potential customers.

Incorporate the latest trends into your online business

We train and update ourselves constantly to offer you updated web design plans that incorporate the latest digital marketing trends with strategies that really work.

Stand out from your competition on the Internet

Differentiation is key in any sector, on the Internet there is more and more competition, and that is why we take care of doing things better so that your web project is unique.

Book your free consultation or call us

Although we provide you with a contact form , we are among those who like to get to know our clients , so we encourage you to book a free consultation and, through a face-to- face appointment, call or videoconference , we will analyze (without obligation) your deal.

Pricing of our website design plans


Hire only the Web Designing service you need

Expert Consulting in Digital Marketing

Personalized and expert advice in Digital Marketing, Web Design, Social Networks, SEO and WordPress so that you start on the right foot on the Internet and grow your business.

Professional WordPress Web Design

Professional WordPress web design service to make you stand out and differentiate yourself from your competition with a striking, functional and dynamic website, blog or online store.

WordPress Maintenance and Support

WordPress hosting, maintenance and support service so that your website runs smoothly, is always up to date, is totally safe and you can focus on your business.

SEO and Web Positioning in Google

Professional SEO audit and consulting service in which we thoroughly review your presence on Google to find a way to improve your web positioning.

Optimized Web Content Writing

Copywriting and content writing service for blogs, websites and online stores optimized for Google to improve your visibility in search engines and build customer loyalty.

Management and Optimization of Google Ads

Creation, optimization and daily management of campaigns in Google Ads to achieve a better return on your advertising investment and focus efforts on target keywords.

Pricing of our website design plans

Who is this service for?
This service is designed for businesses that want to normalize their monthly marketing cost. The goal is to have a closed and accessible monthly marketing service with which you can give visibility to your business.
What happens if I cancel my subscription before 12 months?
Our plans are designed to make the monthly cost of marketing your business more bearable. Therefore, instead of passing you a budget for all the digital assets that we are going to work (difficult to assume), we have thought of a much more comfortable monthly formula that includes everything for a more accessible price. Therefore, when you register one of our plans you have to sign a contract in which you agree to pay 12 months of subscription. Therefore, you can not cancel before 12 months, because, in the case of doing so, you lose all the work.
Is there an option to pay the first year of 1 time?
Yes. In case you want to pay in advance all year round, you will enjoy a 5% discount.
What to do the hours of changes include?
The hours changes are hours that you can use to make any type of change in the contents of the web: texts, images, videos, etc.
What does the subscription system include?

The most complete web design plans include a subscription system with which you will get:

  • Lead capture forms: Forms that are added to the website where the name and email of the users who want to subscribe to the newsletter are collected.
  • Activation and welcome landing pages: Custom design of the email activation landing (which is displayed right after filling in the name and email) and welcome landing (which is shown just after you have confirmed the email).
What does web maintenance include?

All plans include a monthly web maintenance service, so that your web installation works smoothly, is always updated and is totally safe.

  • Quick and effective interventions: We understand that time is money and that a WordPress installation cannot be without working more than 24 hours, so we offer quick and effective interventions.
  • Full WordPress Update: We perform updates to the WordPress core, template and plugins with great care, making sure that they will not affect the performance or operation of your website.
  • 24/7/365 Availability Tracking: We monitor your website every day of the year to detect potential problems and instantly notify you by email or phone if it goes down or becomes unavailable.
What does web hosting include?
All plans include WordPress-optimized web hosting that includes:

  • HTTPS and Free SSL Certificate: Our web hosting service includes the secure HTTPS protocol, which makes your WordPress installation more secure and friendly, increasing your visibility and trust in your website.
  • Free migration of your project: We perform the migration of your WordPress website to our server completely free.
  • 10GB of web space: You will have at your disposal 10 GB of SSD hard disk space.
  • Integrated caching system: Forget about complicated caching plugins to improve the performance of your website, since our service includes an integrated caching system with Lite Speed.
  • Periodic backups: We make daily backups so that, whatever happens, you can always return to the point of origin without having lost any information.
  • Protection against threats: WordPress, being so widespread on the network, requires a series of barriers to prevent any type of malware from accessing your installation and, consequently, your customers.
What does ecommerce include?
We created an online store with WordPress and WooCommerce, so your store will have an e-commerce system with payment gateway to accept online orders.
What does the website include?
It depends on the plan you choose. For the basic plan the website, designed and developed with WordPress, includes the homepage, about you, services and contact. To the other plans you can add other pages that your business needs.
What does web hosting include?
We created an online store with WordPress and WooCommerce, so your store will have an e-commerce system with payment gateway to accept online orders.
Who is behind Ennovatr?
If you still do not know my story (which I recommend) behind Ennovatr is a qualified, motivated and multidisciplinary team that has more than 5 years of experience in many areas of digital marketing. We are, as I like to call it, a premium marketing agency, since we work with a very high quality standard and dedicate all our knowledge, experiences and love to create and grow your business on the Internet. If you are looking for professionals who take their work seriously, who make value propositions that make sense, who speak very clearly to you and who work as if your business were theirs, it is best to contact us, you will not regret it.
If I need an invoice for the service, can you do it for me?
Yes. We are a consolidated company that takes this issue very seriously, so we will send you an invoice with the cost of the service (to which we add VAT in case you are in USA).
What payment methods do you accept?
Miscellaneous. As far as payment is concerned, we are very flexible, although the ones we use the most are cash payment, payment by transfer and PayPal.
If I hire any of the agency's services, is there time to stay?
Nope. Although it has never happened to us, in services that have a monthly or annual cost such as web maintenance, web positioning, social media management or email marketing our clients can unsubscribe at any time if they are not satisfied.
What makes you different from other agencies and professionals?
There are many things that make us unique, but I would highlight our closeness and high standard of quality, that we work the projects as if they were ours, that we speak very clearly so that our clients understand everything we say (with a direct and daily contact), that we offer integral solutions.